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With the significant compliance requirements and financial liability associated with lending today, lenders are choosing to mitigate and/or transfer these risks to large national and financially sound third party vendors. CLS has identified the very best service providers for each of the products and/or services we represent. In addition, extensive operational and financial due diligence, including on-site visits, are performed prior to endorsing any service provider.

CLS differentiates itself by the quality of the service provided and the competitiveness of its pricing. Our unique approach to providing these services will greatly enhance your ability to service your customer while remaining price competitive in your market.


Instituting new appraisal compliance for DODD FRANK requirements can be costly and time consuming for lenders. Appraisal Firewall makes DODD FRANK compliance easy and pain-free. Our process offers full compliance features that lessen the impact of DODD FRANK compliance while maintaining your appraisal quality by using your local appraisers. All at no cost to the lender! Many components go into making our system far superior to any other services. Our program is not an AMC. To find out more, call 760.773.6503 or click here to request additional information or a webinar.

SBA & Commercial Environmental Reports

In response to increased regulatory scrutiny and changes to the United States Small Business Administration (USSBA) Environmental due diligence requirements, we have put together a desk top ordering system to meet your environmental risk management needs. The services will lower your borrower’s cost, may reduce the need for phase one reports and will protect your interest by backing each report with up to a $5 million liability policy. We have reports that will meet your needs or we can tailor a report specifically for you. We will review local, state and federal government databases, as well as research Sanborn Maps, when available, and other forms of historical research. There are many components that make our program the best available on the market. To find out more, call 760.773.6503 or click here to request additional information or a webinar.

Tax services

Escrow? Non-Escrow? Who do I pay? How much do I pay? Do we have any delinquent RE taxes in our portfolio? Choose one or all of the many services you need from tax payment processing, delinquent tax tracking, tax status reporting, tax line set-up, tax audit and tax outsourcing. We work with over 22,000 tax collectors nationwide. We have the components in place to assist your needs. To find out more, call or request additional information or a webinar by clicking here

Flood Determination Services

Access the most accurate data in order to receive the determination within seconds. Our extensive database is updated regularly to reflect any FEMA changes and LOMA/LOMRs. All of our determinations carry a guarantee backed by a $5 million E&O Policy from an A+ insurer, thus relieving both the borrower and lender of any liability. There is no set up fee or monthly minimum.
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Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

An AVM is a computer-generated comparison of the property to neighborhood data, allowing lenders to receive a timely and affordable property valuation report that quickens decision-making.
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Credit Mortgage Reports

In addition to traditional credit reports provided by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, CLS provides a Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR), one of the most comprehensive credit reports available, as well as mortgage fraud, Social Security number verification, etc. Compare our prices to yours! Click here to request additional information.

Title and Settlement Services

Need help for your out of town or state title service? We’ve got you covered! CLS gives you access to a wide range of title insurance policies and property information services. We are committed to working closely with you to deliver the title services that best fit your needs.


Portfolio Due Diligence and Reconciliations
BPO (Residential and Commercial)

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